Handmade Products Fighting Poverty

These products tell a story. 

A story about giving hope, dignity, and sustainability through empowerment, not handouts. 

You make that possible. 

When you purchase a product, you have made a real life impact for a family that is striving to break the cycle of poverty.  That impact is part of a movement that is dedicated to a forever solution to end poverty. 

Our Choices have an Impact

In 2007, I (Sarah) was in Burkina Faso, West Africa and I became friends with this girl in the picture above. Her family was similar to many in this country, poor according to our definition, but rich in the things that truly matter. We spoke different languages and could only communicate with our hands or a translator, but I loved spending time at their hut. She taught me how to make these beautiful macrame (knotted) handbags. This family was so full of life, talent, and generosity, but they lacked opportunity. 

 This experience made me think. What if I could purchase a whole bunch of these bags and then resell them in the U.S.? What kind of a difference would that make on her family.

An indescribable one! A difference that would impact generations to come. 

So, in 2012, I officially created International Blessings. A business that is dedicated to partnering with 3rd world artisans to help them market their products so that they are empowered to create sustainable livelihoods that break the cycle of poverty. 

But the real impact is created by you. When you purchase a product from International Blessings, you are giving people like this girl an opportunity. An opportunity that would not otherwise be possible.