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Box of Blessings

A monthly subscription that: 

Empowers 3rd world artisans 

Donates $3 to fight poverty

Sends YOU beautiful, handmade products!

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1. Subscribe

Choose a subscription & get excited about the opportunities that you are giving impoverished families.

2. Receive & Open 

Keep watch after the 6th of each month for your Box of Blessings & fall in love with the beautiful, fun products.

3. Enjoy & share 

Show off the unique products & share the inspiring stories of empowered families.

I love this box! The curater, Sarah does an amazing job of putting together a mix of unique pieces with a description of where they came from. It's well worth the price and for a very worthy cause. I would highly recommend this box to anyone. I have enjoyed every single box I've received!

Sara S.

"I am so happy I signed up for this box. I love the assortment of beautiful items each month. Every month feels like getting a special birthday present in the mail."


"This monthly subscription is a great way to bless others and yourself . The jewelry pieces are beautiful and well-made. Also, the customer service is outstanding. I would highly recommend giving this box a try."


Be part of the Story!

We are passionate about empowering impoverished people around the world to build a better life for themselves.  These boxes tell their story. A story of hope, dignity, & sustainability.  By subscribing, YOU become a part of that story.  

Together, we can do more. 

Together, we can change the world!


When will I receive my Box of Blessings?

Boxes are shipped by the 6th of each month.

What's in the box?

Each box contains 3-4 handmade products. Most often there will be a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and then the other item(s) could be anything from a ring to a scarf to a home decor item.  Also, $3 from every box is donated to poverty fighting causes such as Heifer Intl. or Rahab's Rope. Information is included about each item and the cause of the month.

Why should I care?

Each box helps to empower families to thrive in a safe, healthy, and positive environment. Without a sustainable livelihood, families are starving, are victims of human trafficking, dying of curable diseases, and wondering if anyone cares.  The ability to send our kids to school, keep food on the table, and know we have a safe place to sleep is a blessing that billions of people don't have. We have been given much and it is our responsibility to offer opportunities to those in need. There are so many ways that we can make a difference, purchasing this box is just one of them.