What's Inside?

See what's inside your Box of Blessings

Empower 3rd world families

International Blessings partners with 20+ artisan groups in 12+ countries, including India, Peru, Guatemala, Haiti, Uganda, Thailand, and Israel. 

These women are employed by Papillon Enterprise, a fair trade company in Haiti. Their mission is to create jobs for mothers & fathers who do not want to give up their kids to orphanages because they can't feed them. Being employed means that these families receive a living wage, training & benefits, and a family friendly work environment.


Makes the perfect gift

Each box contains 3 - 4 handmade products that empower families around the world to break the cycle of poverty. These products typically include a pair of earrings, a bracelet, and 1 or 2 other items such as a scarf, ring, coin purse, toy, or home decor item.

Box of Blessings also donates $3 to poverty fighting causes such as Heifer Intl., Rahab's Rope, or ministries that work alongside the artisans. 

An informational card shares about each product, the artisans that make them, and the poverty fighting cause.


Need more reasons to sign up?

The artisan groups that we partner with are dedicated to educating and teaching sustainable livelihoods that break the cycle of poverty.  These organizations are making a forever difference in the lives of the poor. It's not a handout, its an opportunity that empowers families.

As a consumer, every choice you make with your dollar is impacting real lives. Your impact could affect unknown men, women, or even children that are being exploited to manufacture your clothes and accessories. Or your impact can give life changing empowerment to families. 

It is our responsibility to be educated and aware of how our spending impacts the world we live in. 

Sweatshops, child labor, bare minimum pay, and dangerous working conditions are a real issue. Those people desperately need jobs and most of them are even thankful that they are at least getting something. But if we support organizations & businesses that create jobs because they care about the people, then one day we can expand the availability of living wage jobs in safe environments to every neighborhood and community around the world.

But it will take both of us. You, me, our friends & families to make that difference. 

Together we can change the world.

If you choose not to purchase a box, thats OK. It's not about buying from International Blessings, its about empowering families through job creation. And there are plenty of organizations that are working towards that same goal. But please, before you buy, be educated and realize that every purchase affects our world. 

If you do purchase from International Blessings, you can rest assured that your purchase is empowering families to thrive in a safe, healthy, and positive environment. We want to see desperation turn into hope, handouts change into opportunities, and generations that will never face the reality of poverty.

Please partner with us, by purchasing our boxes, sharing the stories, and engaging through social media.